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Artist Designed Cover Selection

Artist Designed Cover Selection

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Cover Design

Enhance your book with a personalized cover designed to reflect your unique style. Choose from our selection or design your own, and see your book come to life!

  • Artist-Designed Covers: Select from a variety of pre-designed covers by our talented artists.
  • Editable Titles: Customize the title on your chosen cover during the design process.
  • Personalization: Replace "Sample Name" with your name to make the book uniquely yours.
  • Professional Assistance: Our team finalizes your design and sends you a completed copy for approval before printing.
  • Auto-Save Feature: Your book saves automatically as you write, so you can pick up right where you left off anytime.

Create a book that's as unique as your story!

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    Create an account using your email address so that we can automatically save where you are in your book writing journey.


    Go straight into writing your first chapter of your book using the prompts from our award winning AI.


    You can either type you enteries (don’t worry about the grammar), or speak your enteries into fill field and our AI will do the rest. It’s that simple.


    You book will be automatically saved as you go through your writing journey so you can keep coming back and continuing your work.

"Using PastPal has allowed me to turn nostalgic memories into a book that's adored by my family. It’s intimate, like a conversation that lasts forever. Editing is easy, and the result is a family treasure that will be cherished for generations."


"Thanks to PastPal, I've compiled my thoughts and stories into a book while relaxing in bed. It’s become the most-read book in our household, cherished by everyone. I only wish I had something similar from my grandparents. This app ensures that our stories live on, changing how future generations will remember us."


"PastPal is more than just an app; it's a legacy tool. The book I created is now a family heirloom, often read and celebrated. It’s a poignant reminder of the power of preserved memories. Every family should have this."


PastPal has been a game-changer for me. I was able to turn my nostalgic memories into a book that my entire family loves. It's intimate and feels like a conversation that never ends. The editing tools are user-friendly, and the final product is a family treasure that we will cherish for generations.


I turned my memories into a book that my family can’t get enough of. It’s like sittin’ on the porch, having a chat that never ends.


Grâce à PastPal, j'ai pu transformer mes souvenirs en un livre que ma famille adore. C'est comme une conversation qui continue à jamais. L'édition est simple et le résultat est un trésor familial que nous chérirons pour toujours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy and Data Security

How does PastPal ensure my privacy?

We prioritize your privacy by employing advanced encryption methods to secure your data and ensuring that only you have access to your personal information and content. We strictly adhere to privacy laws and regulations to protect your data.

Saving Data and Archiving Policy

What happens if I don't access my data regularly on PastPal?

If you do not access your data for 90 days, it will be automatically archived for an additional 90 days. After this period, we reserve the right to delete the archived data to manage space efficiently.

Publishing Rights and Copyright

Who owns the copyright to the content I create on PastPal?

You retain full copyright ownership of the content you create and publish using our platform. PastPal does not claim any rights to your work.

Book Length and Page Limits

What is the average and maximum length for a book on PastPal?

The average length for a book on our platform is between 80 to 200 pages, with a maximum limit of 400 pages. This range supports a variety of genres and writing styles.

Time to Write a Book

How long does it typically take to write a book on PastPal?

The time it takes to write a book varies greatly. Some users have completed a book in a day or during a long-haul flight, while others may take up to a year. It's entirely up to you and at your pace.

Ease of Editing

How easy is it to edit my documents on PastPal?

Editing on PastPal is straightforward and user-friendly. Our editor offers tools for formatting, spell-checking, and style adjustments to streamline the editing process.

Additional Copies and Global Printing

Can I get additional copies of my book?

Absolutely. We offer ease of purchase for bulk orders and have printing facilities at 14 locations around the globe. This helps avoid shipping costs and allows your connections worldwide to purchase and receive copies locally.

Adding Photos and Tone Adjustment

Can I add photos to my book?

You can add a photo to the cover, but PastPal is primarily designed for writing, not as a photo book.

Can I adjust the tone of my writing on PastPal?

Yes, you can select and even describe the tone specifically chapter by chapter. Some chapters might be upbeat and lively, while others could reflect more somber, reflective moments.

Accessing Support via Community and Social Media

How can I get support through the community or social media?

You can access support by joining our community forum, where you can ask questions, share experiences, and receive advice from fellow users. Additionally, you can reach out to us on social media platforms for quick responses and updates.