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Hardcover Storybook & Writing App Package

Hardcover Storybook & Writing App Package

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Capture Memories and Preserve a Legacy

Delight yourself or a loved one with a unique and thoughtful gift—a customizable hardcover storybook & writing app package. This special package features a durable, hardback book that you can personalize to match your unique taste or the story's theme, ensuring a truly bespoke experience.

What You and Your Family Can Expect

For You:

  • Conversational Writing Experience: Engage in a seamless and enjoyable book-writing journey with our world-class writing app. Whether you prefer typing or speaking, the app is designed to prompt vivid memories and stories through natural conversations, bringing cherished moments to life.
  • Trip Down Memory Lane: Relive and document memorable experiences, capturing the essence of your personal history in a beautifully crafted book.
  • Unlimited Use and Full Support: Enjoy unlimited access to the app, complete with full support to ensure a smooth and fulfilling writing experience.

For Your Family:

  • Legacy Preservation: Create a lasting keepsake that preserves your family's history for future generations. Imagine a bookshelf filled with the life stories of your ancestors, all told in their own words.
  • Professionally Formatted Storybook: Watch as your stories transform into a professionally formatted, high-quality book, ready to be printed and treasured.
  • Handcrafted Finishes: Choose from various handcrafted finishes, each designed to last a lifetime, making your book a perfect family heirloom.

Make Every Memory Count

Our innovative software allows you to effortlessly document your memories, whether by typing or speaking. Each memory is beautifully formatted into a hardcover storybook that reflects the unique journey of your life. This package not only makes for a unique personal gift but also ensures that your stories and wisdom are preserved and cherished for generations to come.

Give yourself or a loved one a gift that is as special as your life journey—an enduring tribute to incredible experiences, blending traditional bookmaking with modern technology. Create a keepsake that will be cherished forever

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"Using PastPal has allowed me to turn nostalgic memories into a book that's adored by my family. It’s intimate, like a conversation that lasts forever. Editing is easy, and the result is a family treasure that will be cherished for generations."


"Thanks to PastPal, I've compiled my thoughts and stories into a book while relaxing in bed. It’s become the most-read book in our household, cherished by everyone. I only wish I had something similar from my grandparents. This app ensures that our stories live on, changing how future generations will remember us."


"PastPal is more than just an app; it's a legacy tool. The book I created is now a family heirloom, often read and celebrated. It’s a poignant reminder of the power of preserved memories. Every family should have this."


PastPal has been a game-changer for me. I was able to turn my nostalgic memories into a book that my entire family loves. It's intimate and feels like a conversation that never ends. The editing tools are user-friendly, and the final product is a family treasure that we will cherish for generations.


I turned my memories into a book that my family can’t get enough of. It’s like sittin’ on the porch, having a chat that never ends.


Grâce à PastPal, j'ai pu transformer mes souvenirs en un livre que ma famille adore. C'est comme une conversation qui continue à jamais. L'édition est simple et le résultat est un trésor familial que nous chérirons pour toujours.