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PastPal Gift Card

PastPal Gift Card

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    Create an account using your email address so that we can automatically save where you are in your book writing journey.


    Go straight into writing your first chapter of your book using the prompts from our award winning AI.


    You can either type you enteries (don’t worry about the grammar), or speak your enteries into fill field and our AI will do the rest. It’s that simple.


    You book will be automatically saved as you go through your writing journey so you can keep coming back and continuing your work.

"Using PastPal in my garden was a fantastic experience. Surrounded by nature, I spoke my memories into the dictate feature, and they magically appeared on the screen. The fresh air and beautiful surroundings made the process even more enjoyable. The designer cover gave my book a polished look, and my family loves it. It feels like we're always sharing stories under the open sky. Editing was a breeze, and now we have a family heirloom we’ll treasure forever."


"The dictate feature on PastPal is amazing! I just spoke my thoughts, and they instantly turned into text. It made writing so effortless and natural. The designer cover option made my book look professional, and my family adores it. It’s like having an ongoing conversation. Editing was super easy, and now we have a family keepsake we’ll cherish forever."


"PastPal made me so emotional while creating my book. Reliving old memories and seeing them come to life was deeply moving. The designer cover made the final product look beautiful, and the dictate feature made it easy to pour my heart out. My family loves the book; it’s like sharing our most cherished moments over and over. Editing was straightforward, and now we have a family treasure that holds so much emotion."


"Using PastPal was an evocative experience. As I dictated my memories, they came alive in a way that was incredibly vivid and touching. The designer cover added an elegant touch, making the book look stunning. My family loves it—it feels like reliving our favorite stories. Editing was a breeze, and now we have a beautifully evocative family keepsake that we’ll cherish forever."


I decided to give PastPal a try while lounging in bed, and it was an absolute delight. The dictate feature made it so easy—I just talked, and my words appeared on the screen. It felt cozy and productive at the same time. The designer cover added a professional touch, and now my family treasures the book. It's like having a never-ending bedtime story. Editing was simple, and we have a family keepsake to cherish forever.